Is there any way to periodically free up memory?

We noticed that for our optimization needs, we would like to periodically - say every 5 minutes, or when we detect that memory is low - to completely destroy everything that downloaded and rendered but is no longer in view, so it would start over rendering everything in my current view. Can you think of a way for us to do this? This isn’t a request necessarily for you to build that for us. We’re just wondering if you could point us and we’ll build that ourselves. We realize that for most developers this isn’t needed.

Hi @carlrealvr,

You can force Unreal to collect garbage every frame by entering the console command gc.CollectGarbageEveryFrame 1, and disable it by setting it to 0. This thread may be of interest to you. As described in that thread, you can create an editor-only actor to run garbage collection at specified intervals. If you’re looking to collect garbage during play, you could use this blueprint node - Collect Garbage | Unreal Engine Documentation