Is there plan for Cesium to switch to WebAssembly technology and Blazor?

Stll 4 years after I asked this Important question i am not seeing much results. Is there a webasembly official cesium ?

@Yordan_Yanakiev1 Are you saying you attempted a webAssembly migration and found it ineffective? If so, can you please list out what portions of the engine you have tried pushing so we can work on the issue as a community? After 2 days of research, I have not found any open sourced version of cesium which is utilizing web assembly.

Thank you for the info TJ. Would you be so kind as to share what method you used to compile down to WASM? I am about to begin this journey myself and want to spend my time doing this the right way.

Did you use Emscripten and C++? AssemblyScript?

Thank you again for any info you can offer, you’ve already been a huge help

I recommend using Emscripten and C++, I’ve been experimenting with AssemblyScript as well but the performance hasn’t been great.

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