Issue creating imagery provider

I’ve got a desktop application built with Vue and Cesium that I’m working on right now and I’m trying to use some local imagery sets I have.

This instance in particular, I’m attempting to create a new OpenStreetMapImageryProvider. Now, being that the data is local on the file system, my first thought was to point it at the local files by just setting the url parameter in the constructor to the file path to the data. That, however, shows errors that it’s not allowed. So I decided to set it up using either using a local web server (express) or by registering a custom protocol in Electron to catch the traffic.

The issue I’m running into though is, when creating the new OpenStreetMapImageryProvider, the docs say that the url property is only a string. However, OpenStreetMapImageryProvider extends UrlTemplateImageryProvider which the docs say can also accept a Resource as the value of the url prop. I was wanting to use Resource so that I could send something extra as a query parameter. I believe I have the string template for the url setup correctly but, for whatever reason, if it is requesting something like: http://localhost:8080/imagery/0/1/1, the 0/1/1 is also being appended to the last parameter in the query params. So, if the last param was show=true, the request would show show=true0/1/1.

I can only assume that isn’t correct? Can OpenStreetMapImageryProvider accept a Resource as the url prop value? It seems to work otherwise.