Iterate over loaded gltf

I’m new to cesium js. I would like to iterate over a loaded gltf file. I add my model over an url http://…/model.glb to cesium.
const ent = this.viewer.entities.add({ name: url, position: position, orientation: orientation, shadows: ShadowMode.ENABLED, id: url, model: { uri: url, id: url, orientation: orientation, heightReference: HeightReference.RELATIVE_TO_GROUND, scale: 1, }, });

The code above works fine. I get my model on screen and now I would like to change visibillity or change materials or color of my model / single meshes. How can I iterate over my model? The ent variable is from type entity. I don’t see an option to get the data.

Hi @Lyror ,
You can iterate over a loaded gltf model. You can transform particular node of any model But I’m not sure if you can change it’s material or not.

You may check this example to understand Node Explorer.

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Thanks for the example, that helped me a lot.

I’m just not clear yet how I can change the color of a node. It seems to me that this possibility does not exist yet. Could that be?

My assumption is based on the open issue.

You are right. I have tried whatever I could to meet that requirement. But I’m also a beginner for understanding shaders and material things. Please share with me also if you found any progress on gltf node material.