Kinds of Polylines


I need to draw different kinds of polylines like dotted. There’s a way to do it?

I created a line with points using billboards. But, when I zoom, the distance between the points visually changes.

I read about PolylinePipeline. But I didn’t understand what exactly it does. Can it help me? There’s an example?

Another question, how can I set the MaximumAliasedLineWidth of context? Because I want to create a thick line, but I couldn’t change the line width.


Hi Tamy,

We are planning to add materials to polylines, which will allow you to make polylines dotted, glow, and other effects. MaximumAliasedLineWidth is read-only and determined by the GPU/driver, so you can’t change it. Unfortunately, it is only 1.0 on most Windows machines because of ANGLE. However, as part of the polyline material effort, we are going to implement this differently to bypass the limit.

I expect we’ll start on these changes in a few weeks. In the meantime, you can read more about the material system in general that is already available to polygons and other primitives -



Thanks for answering,

I’m running chrome with this parameter:

chrome.exe --use-gl=desktop

to use webGL instead of ANGLE on windows, and the
MaximumAliasedLineWidth is 10. Now I can draw thick lines!

I’ll wait for materials for polylines, it will be helpful!