KML LineString & KML Tour viewer / player?


I wonder if anyone is working on a GML LineString and/or KML Tour viewer
/ player for Cesium? For specific examples of these please see here:

for KML LineString:

for KML Tour:

which are the visualization of a flight, see here:

I'd like to create something like this, but I wouldn't want to re-create
things if there are at least portions of this available.


Hi Akos,

For the LineString, we could use help adding a new geometry type (we call it a Wall in #766). Our KML implementation will use it and other geometry types we are adding like extruded extents and polygons.



I made some additional progress, see:
if you look at the yellow line, now it is drawn twice: once with
altitudeMode: absolute, and once with relativeToGround. the
overlapping part is drawn twice.
to continue with a LineString implementation, to support
non-extruded or clampToGround modes, one would need line support (as
opposed to only having triangle support) in the batching branch.
because the terrain data can only be retrieved in an async manner,
creating WallGeometry objects from KML files is done in an async
manner as well.
testing is limited, as one would need a (constant) terrain source
for the tests, and also to read external (KML) files using
XMLHttpRequest. I tried but couldn’t make this work locally in a
Jasmine test case (e.g. read from a local file).
nevertheless, I’d be happy to put send a patch. do I persume correct
that I’d need to fork on github, push into my repo, and send a pull

Hi Akos,

Yes, please send us a pull request on GitHub, and we’ll have a look / help get it integrated. For the most part, our workflow to is open a pull request once we think something is fully ready, but we are starting to open pull requests for works-in-progress for early feedback and collaboration so always feel free to open one. :slight_smile:

Dan and I are focusing on the general geometry/appearance system, not KML (of course, the geometries need to meet the needs of KML). Other folks here will build on this to load KML client-side so your insight and collaboration will be valuable.