kml object not locked down moves with close pan

I have kml and a native “redRectangle” but when you zoom (in the 3-d enviroment with terrain) into these objects and even worse pan around they move they don’t stick to the landscape. Is there any way to stick them down?

It appears to be sticking them to a flat surface below the terrian

Polygons and other vector data currently conform to the WGS84 ellipsoid, so when not using terrain everything looks fine, but when terrain is on they appear underneath (since depth testing against terrain is also false by default they are not obscured by the terrain). There is no workaround but polygons on terrain will hopefully be available in the next release on July 1st, barring any additional hurdles.

Thanks kind of what i was figuring it was. But when I saw the milk truck recreation was hoping there was a way to stick them to the terrain.
Thanks for looking

This is a known issue #2693. I’m not sure of the timeframe for completion, but I know some of the groundwork that this depends upon is in active development.