KML performance issue

I have a project where we are having major performance issues with Cesium. We migrated from using Google Earth Plugin and our project requires
the use of KML.
Currently the file size for the KML varies but they aren’t very large, the sample below produces a 768k file. I believe that our issue is how Cesium is handling the lines, waypoints and possibly the camera.
I have a FPS debuger window implemented and after the KML file loads and everything is ready for users, the FPS is floating around 6 or 7.

I’ve been digging around tying to implement different options to streamline this but I’m not coming up with solutions.
Can I turn off eventListeners for the camera to speed this up? Or, is there a better option.

Below is a sample link to view this issue.



The kml support should be much better once the 3D tiles(and vector) support is complete. The old GE plugin and Cesium operate in a completely different playing field. Cesium runs completely within the limits of the browser.