KML with rollover style not rendering correctly.

I have been evaluating the cesium-kml branch that I downloaded today.

Attached are three kml files of the same shape. A absolute altitude polygon (forming a ellipse) just north of LasVegas.

The ‘a’ version uses a single style and renders fine.

The ‘b’ version uses a rollover style and renders using the highlight style rather that the normal style. Nothing changes when you mouse over the object.

The ‘c’ version uses a inline rollover style and hits exceptions when processed by the KmlDataSource object (nothing renders).

All three render in GoogleEarth. The ‘c’ version is necessary when feeding GoogleEarth via a NetworkControlLink.

I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong and understand this branch is a work in progress. I just wanted to give the developer a heads up about the alternate ways to assemble the rollover styles.



TwoD_a.kml (3.06 KB)

TwoD_b.kml (4.06 KB)

TwoD_c.kml (4.2 KB)

Here is another samples of some KML shapes (attached). Most render correctly. The sphere is not rendering the top or bottom and the cone is only rendering the base. The top and bottom of the sphere are constructed the same as the cone, so I suspect it is the same problem.

Test.kml (773 KB)

Thanks, I’ll take a look at these as we work on finishing up our KML implementation. You are correct in that there are many things left to be implemented and rollover styles and NetworkLinks are included in that list.