Hey, I would like to know about labelling on the globe using latitudes and longitude parameters.

Hi Vaisakh,

If you have Cesium up and running, I would just start with this Sandcastle example:

If you’re new to Cesium in general and need to get up and running first, I would check out our getting started tutorial:

These two pages should provide you with everything you need, but if any of it is unclear to you, please let us know.

Hi Matthew

I have Cesium up and running and I started with Sandcastle example. I’m planning to plot the label using only latitude and longitude using a json file, whereas Cesium used a third parameter height. Kindly help me for the same.

If you’re using Cesium without terrain, then a height of zero will put your label on the surface. If you are using terrain, you can use the sampleTerrain function to find the heights for each of your positions.