Large CZML file and memory problem

Hi all

In my application I currently work with around 45’000 polygons (3d, i.e. rather simple polygones with height). The size of the CZML file is around 32MB. The polygons are shown over time (each with a specific time stamp) such that at the end of the interval all objects are visible. At the moment, each polygon is represented as a single packet.

The applications runs very well with the number of polygons mentioned. However, what I have observed is that there is some kind of memory limit (depends a bit on the browser), as above 60’000, Chrome, Firefox, and IE all crash. E.g., the message of IE is: “An error occurred while rendering. Rendering has stopped. Error: not enough memory”.

Now, my question: what options do exist (CZML structure, etc.) to work with more objects (e.g. 500’000) and hence larger files, while preserving the important aspect of the application of adding polygons over time as explained above?

Any support is very much appreciated!!

Thanks and best regards, Albert

Hi all
I just give it another try. Does anyone have a hint on this topic? I was thinking of using 3d tiling or setting up gltf models instead of standard geometries. However, I could not find a good starting point. So again, help is much appreciated.

Hi Albert,

Yes, with that many polygons it would be a good idea to use 3D tiles instead. You can learn more about the specification in this forum post: