Large data mapping


I am trying to create more than 500k entities on cesium globe. We are using java-script loop to add entities to the globe.
But every time we do that browsers crashes and ask to stop java-script execution.
How can we achieve this functionality. We want to create 500k+ points(pins) on globe.

Please help this is very crucial for me.


Have you seen this thread:!topic/cesium-dev/F6IkY9aEG1I

You won't be able to do that with the Entity API at this point. You may be able to do it using Primitives API.

Thanks for the reply. I have already gone through that thread but I was guessing if anyone has any success in recent days.

Will try primitive API can you help me to get started with that?


Here is tutorial about primitives:

Most of the demos have been converted to use the EntityAPI but if you look in the API docs below you can see how you can add Labels and Billboards as primitives. There is also a PointPrimitive that I believe is due to be released in the next release.

Thanks Tim for quick response. Will work on it and post my views.


Thanks Tim…

Tejas, were you able to get started on your application using those resources.

Hi Mike,

I have already used primitive api please check my code below let me know if you want me to add anything or i am missing anything in this.