Large number of indipendent moving billboards

I want to generate a large number of indipendent time-dynamic billboards (like 10.000+). They must able to be created on the fly, for example by clicking on a random position. What is the best approach to this problem?

The Entity API can handle this without any issues, either through generating data on the fly or streaming data down from a server. The Visualizing Spatial Data tutorial should be a good place to start if you are new to Cesium or the Entities.

Here’s a real-world example showing over 15,000 satellites in real-time: (click the X next to ComSPoC on the left to show all 15,000).

Hi Matthew,

I am trying to achieve something similar to that satellite example you shared ( ). In particular, I am trying to simulate/interpolate points over their corresponding positions. I am reading all this data through CZML. Please see this thread for exact details:

I am not sure where I am wrong but I am getting extremely poor performance with just ~50 points but that example shows ~15000 points are moving smoothly. Can you please comment on that either here or on the main thread (