Lidar data(las/laz file) to point cloud tile?

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I want to render Lidar data in Cesium viewer. I have Lidar data in .las or .laz files on AWS.

Going through the Cesium docs,my understanding is that I need to transform Lidar data to point cloud files(.pnt files), and then in 3DTiles files I would refer to these files(content.url).

Is my understanding correct?

And if yes, how does one transform data from .las/.laz file to a .pnt file?And then how to generate files for 3DTiles?

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OS:Windows 10


Hi Manish,

Yes your understanding is correct. The process of converting LAS to 3D Tiles requires splitting the source data into tiles in such a way that is efficient for streaming. Usually this is achieved with a hierarchical level of detail arrangement of tiles.

We are working on a LAS to 3D Tiles converter that will eventually become available of Cesium ion, though sometime after the initial release. If you would like us to convert your data as a trial run feel free to send me a download link. My email address is

Hi Sean,

Is LAS support available yet in Cesium ion?

With regards


Hi Manish,

Not yet, but it’s coming soon.