Link FlyTo camera animación with lookatTranform

I need to link a FlyTo animation with a change of camera pitch. My problem is that, with the FlyTo animation I need a little bit of inclination, because if I move the camera vertically with an inclination of 90º, the billboards that I have are covered by the terrain. The billboards are only displayed well if the tilt is <=85º. My problem is how to link a FlyTo type animation (with an orientation with pitch of -85º), with a lookAtTransform.
The sequence of the animation is: first a FlyTo to some coordinates (with a pitch orientation of 85º), then a lookAtTransform function with a HeadingPitchRange, where I decrease the pitch to 45º (the camera descends maintaining the distance to the target.). Once I’m at 45º, I start to rotate the camera around the initial coordinates. I can’t manage to smoothly link the FlyTo with the lookAtTrarnsform.
This works if the camera orientation in FlyTo is the default 90º, but if I use 85º (to display the billboards), it does not match. Which is logical because the coordinates do not match, but how can I solve it?