Load only "registered" buildings


I have been playing with the 3D Tile Feature Picking example int he Sandbox. I want to know how I can only load buildings that are registered either by address or bin? I would only want to those buildings to be rendered. Is this possible, if so how?

I am doing this in Cesium 1.64 on Chrome on a Mac.

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Hey Matt,

You can use the 3D Tiles Styling language to hide buildings that don’t fit a certain criteria. There’s an example of this here when you click “Hide by Height”:


What kind of application are you working on?

Hi Omar,

Thanks for the link. I am really looking for a way to allow clients to log in and see a listing of all their registered properties. I don’t want the overhead of rendering all the other buildings if possible. Does that make sense? I would provide an array of addresses or bins to ensure that only the registered buildings are rendered. The example using “height” doesn’t really help unless it can be morphed to filter out an array of buildings.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts,