Load same level map image tile on one scene

I notice that cesium doesn’t load same level image tile and sometimes it will make text into pieces. Is there some solution about this?

Also here’s a boundary case that if level is big and picth angle of camera is low, I just want to load same high level image tiles near the view and far is normal as usual. Otherwise, there may be too much request for images and will be slow.

Up to now, I could make this by change ScreenSpaceError in Source/Scene/QuadtreePrimitive/screenSpaceError(), but I can’t fix the issue that there are too many high level image tiles in far parts which let the page be very slow.

Hi @Gu-Miao,

you could try to set the maximumLevel and minimumLevel to the same value depending on camera position with some if-else-statements. In theory, you should only get the defined zoomLevel. But I haven’t tried it yet.

Best, Lennart

Hi @lennart.imberg, Thank for reply!
Where should I add maximumLevel or minimumLevel? On a ImageryProvider?

Yes, while creating the imageryProvider, you can specify these values (“ConstructorOptions”).
Look at this link (this is for WMS, but there are also classes for WMTS etc.). And if you store this provider as a constant or variable, you can easily change the settings later (in theory).

I just don’t know, if these settings are specified “construction-only” or later, too.

EDIT: This is a blog entry about how Cesium calculates different “levels of detail” on camera position: link. Maybe you can also try to play around with frustums and their settings, to only get the last frustum.