Loading a 3D Tileset from our own server

Hey, our company is playing around with the Cesium for Unity package, and I’m trying to see if we can use our own 3D Tileset.

We know that the format is correct because the tileset works with the web version of Cesium. So I’m wondering why it won’t work in Unity.
I’m very simply putting in the url in the url variable in the inspector in the Cesium 3D Tileset script on the Cesium World Terrain gameobject, but nothing seems to be happening.

I can see that the tile loading is done by a method called RecreateTileset(), but the actual implementation of this method is hidden as a dll extern.
If anyone could point me in the direction of the actual code behind this method it’d be great!

Thank you!

Cesium for Unity doesn’t support every feature of 3D Tiles. One major thing missing - and that will be available before too long - is support for point clouds. It also doesn’t support some very old, deprecated 3D Tiles features, such as glTF 1.0 embedded in tiles. Are there any messages in the console?

The complete source code for Cesium for Unity can be found in our GitHub repo:


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