Loading and Unloading of tiles based on character line of sight


I am trying to ground clamp actors onto the Cesium for Unreal terrain using a LineTraceSingleByChannel with a custom trace channel.

This works well until the terrain tile that the actor’s line trace would be hitting is out of the character’s line of sight and then the line trace does not hit the terrain anymore. I am guessing because the tile is unloaded as the character it is not looking at it?

Is there a way to keep the tile loaded even when it is out of the character’s line of sight?


Hey there @GarrattWeblin, at the moment the best way to do this would be to uncheck the Enable Frustum Culling box on the Cesium3DTileset:

disable frustum culling

The offscreen tiles will use lower LODs, but they won’t be unloaded completely.

An upcoming release of Cesium for Unreal will have support for multiple frustums, which will allow you to do this kind of thing in a more targeted manner (e.g., point a second frustum straight down from the character).

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