Local imagery rendering

Hello all,
I am very new to cesium
Want to understand if I want to render my geotiff on globe. Cannot I put URL directly and render this on globe? Pls help.


Hello Jai,

In order to render imagery in Cesium, you have to convert it to a tiled format. You can learn about the different imagery provider formats we support here: http://cesiumjs.org/tutorials/Imagery-Layers-Tutorial/

I believe you can convert your GeoTIFF into tiles using gdal2tiles. This should break it up and tile it in a TMS format, which you can add to Cesium using createTileMapServiceImageryProvider



Hello Hannah,

I could convert my geotiff to TMS format using gdal2tiles but now I am getting the error on url :

Cesium.TileMapServiceProvider is not a constructor .

please, help

Hello Hanah,

One more issue :When I am trying to fetch layer from local wms server, it says failed to obtain image tile X and Y directions .

Hello Jai,

we also use gdal2tiles to show raster data in cesium.

var url = urltoTMS;

var format = png;

var maxZoom = 19;

var minZoom = 10;

var extent = [7.66741440820387, 51.56955904736495, 8.00795370918629, 51.74818086839236];

var imageryProvider = Cesium.createTileMapServiceImageryProvider({

“url” : url,

“fileExtension”: format,

“maximumLevel”: maxZoom,

“minimumLevel” : minZoom,

“rectangle”:Cesium.Rectangle.fromDegrees(extent[0], extent[1], extent[2], extent[3]),



var imageryLayer = new Cesium.ImageryLayer(imageryProvider);

This is an example code we use, maybe this will help.


Hello Jannes ,

Yep its working now . thanks.

I am able to fetch it but level of details are not increasing much. please help on that part.

secondly,I am trying to fetch some images from geoserver which is animated in time dimension ? can you please explain that also.


Actually when i say maxZoom and minZoom it is saying

failed to obtain image tile x: 24 Y:15 level:5