Local WMS Elevation data support

Hello All,

We need to provide our local wms elevation data support to show raster data as terrain. As i can see currently there is a terrain data support in Cesium but through Cesium, Ellipsoid and ArcGIS terrain provider. The web application is intranet base, so we need to get it work locally.

Could you please help me in this regards.

Other thing i have seen HeightmapTerrainData class in Cesium documents. i have searched on net for an example which is using this class, but unlucky to found it.
Could you please provide me any doc link with working example from where i can get idea to use HeightmapTerrainData class.


Hi Manish,

You mentioned in another message that you’re using Geoserver to host WMS. Awhile back, I was able to get Geoserver to serve terrain for Cesium, but the only way I was able to do it was via a plugin meant to serve BIL files to NASA World Wind. The problem is that Geoserver’s WMS support is really intended to serve images. I couldn’t find a way to make it serve heights with greater than one byte per pixel, which is insufficient for elevation data. The code I used to do that is based on a much older iteration of the Cesium terrain architecture, so it’s not of much use itself, but if you get the BIL plugin up and running, writing a TerrainProvider to access it will be very straightforward.

In a previous post, Jonah Taylor mentioned that he was able to serve terrain data from Geoserver via WCS (rather than WMS) and a proxy to convert to the resulting TIFF files into a PNG in a special format. That’s another avenue you could explore. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/cesium-dev/8oC6OtbbBGI/7l8WWGOXY3kJ

For what it’s worth, the company I work for, AGI, is currently building a terrain server as a commercial product that will make it extremely easy to build a mosaic of custom terrain datasets that can then be used for visualization and analysis in Cesium and our other products. You may also be interested in VT MAK’s VR-TheWorld, another commercial product, available today, that lets you incorporate multiple sources of terrain and imagery data. Cesium has out-of-the-box support for VR-TheWorld.


Here’s the link to VR-TheWorld:


Hi Kevin,

Thanks for your suggestions and links.

I have installed BIL plugin and it is activated in Geoserver. In the link i have seen that you were previously using WebMapServiceTerrainProvider. Could you please provide me the link of this file so that i will be able to render our elevation data on cesium globe.

I really need your help for same as i am extremely new bie in this field.