Low FPS after GLTF Model Loaded

I have some detailed .obj models exported from Sketchup and converted to gltf with obj2gltf.js. Now after any one of them loaded to the scene, the FPS drops to 0-3 and the animation is not very smooth.

I’m pretty sure that’s not caused by graphics card cause i have tested several computers. Can this be caused by the model itself or is there other way to load detailed models?

The following is export information and models(4MB in size totally) in scene.


Can you upload the model you’re using?

Hi Sean,

I have solved this problem. It seems that the model exported from SkechUp has too many faces. I’m using 3ds Max now.One more question, I have seen an interesting picture from your speech about shadows, can you briefly introduce how to achieve it?


在 2016年12月14日星期三 UTC+8上午8:44:39,Sean Lilley写道:

That image is showing the areas that are not visible to a spherical sensor. Since the occlusion tests are really similar in principal to shadow mapping we just use Cesium’s ShadowMap class under the hood. This screenshot is captured from within Cesium Pro.