MapboxImageryProvider giving error

Hi Cesium Dev Team,

I am trying to use MapboxImageryProvider like below

new Cesium.MapboxImageryProvider({
    mapId: 'mapbox.streets',
    accessToken : 'mymapboxaccesstoken',

but I am getting an error "TypeError: t[i].queueReprojectionCommands is not a function".

Could anyone help me on this please. FYI i am using Cesium 1.22.1 version.


This probably isn’t the issue, but you have an extra comma after your access token.

I wasn’t able to reproduce this. What OS and browser are you using? How are you adding the imagery to the globe?



Hi Hannah,

Thanks for the reply. I found the problem in my code. It resolved with the following

new Cesium.ImageryLayer(new Cesium.MapboxImageryProvider({