Maximum number of elements in positions of Polyline

What is the maximum number of positions i can have in a single polyline in cesium?

I don't know if there is a maximum number but I did run into issues with Chrome crashing at one point with a LOT of points in a line. The recommendation from the devs to me at the time was to create a new collection every few thousand points. I think I limited mine to 1500 and then I would create a new line collection and continue the line from there. Pain in the butt to do it that way but it works so far.

We have tests that do greater than 65,000 points. It also depends if you’re talking about a static line created with PolylineGeometry versus a dynamic line created with the older PolylineCollection.

Could you elaborate on this a little more? Is there any way to create a dynamic line and not run into these limitations? My current setup, I would capture data streaming from another source and draw a trace line behind a moving element on the globe to show its path. I've always done that with a PolylineCollection. Is there another way that I could accomplish this or is a PolylineGeometry for a line where all positions are known up front?

PolylineGeometry is only applicable if you know all of the lines up front. You would have to recompute it every time a point is updated. One of the major features in the pipeline is dynamic buffers, which will make updating geometry like this orders of magnitude faster. Once dynamic buffers are available, PolylineCollection will be re-rewritten to make use of it behind the scenes. There’s also a bug in Chrome related to leaking typed arrays that is triggers by the polyline code.

What exactly is your use case? How many points do you have and how often do you receive updates?