Memory usage did not reduce after remove dataSource


I have a polygon data about 9mb I add with like this:

var polyLineDataSource = null;
function polygonLoadTR() {

  GeoJsonDataSource.load('./Apps/Cesiumviewer/trBorder.json', {
    stroke: Color.BLUE,
    fill: Color.PINK,
    strokeWidth: 3,
    markerSymbol: '?',
    clampToGround: true
  }).then(function(res) {
    polyLineDataSource = res

function polygonDeleteTR() {

When I call polygonDeleteTR function memory usage decrese a bit but not release all.

At begining memory usage about 900mb after add datasource it goes to 2gb after delete its reduce to 1.8gb

What can I do for that ?

Welcome to the community! I am not sure if there is a way to reduce memory usage even more. Is there a particular reason why you are trying to optimize memory usage to this extent? I would love to learn more about your use case.