Metadata sample with EXT_Mesh_Features/EXT_Structural_Metadata?

Hi, I’m trying to use the sample ‘05_CesiumMetadata’ in combination with a tileset containing tiles with EXT_Mesh_Features/EXT_Structural_Metadata metadata, but no metadata shows up. In CesiumJS it’s working alright. When converting to b3dm’s it’s working.

Q: are tiles with EXT_Mesh_Features/EXT_Structural_Metadata supported for showing the metadata? I’m using Cesium for Unity3D v.1.6.2

Hi @bertt,

Unfortunately, EXT_mesh_features and EXT_structural_metadata are not yet supported in Cesium for Unity. We have added support for it in Cesium Native, however. When we are able, we will update the metadata API to use the 3D Tiles 1.1 extensions. Thanks!

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ok thanks!

Hi @janine - any updates on these extensions for Unity?

Thank you

Hi @jpvanmuijen,

Yes, we’re currently working on supporting these extensions. Although we’re aiming for the next release, it may not be done until early January due to the upcoming holidays.