Model converter temporarily offline

The online Collada to glTF converter at has been temporarily taken offline to address a bug that was negatively affecting performance on the the rest of We’ll send out another email when it is back up.

Makes sense, SandCastle apps load much faster now.

Can you give an idea how long would it take to come online?

It will hopefully be back up on by April 1st.

Is this the April Fools joke? :slight_smile:

I did say hopefully :slight_smile: It should be up by the 2nd.

The converter has been restored with tons of bugs fixes and greatly improved compatibility. As always, if you run into any problems with it, just let us know.

SandCastle ( appears to be broken/hanging, it only displays “Loading…”.
Can there be a relation with the converter?

Thanks, Willem

From the FFox console (alos tried Chrome):

Error: scriptError

Stack trace:




Error: scriptError

Stack trace:



Thanks, this is now fixed.

When I try my .dae file I get "An unknown error occured."

If you can share the file with us, we’d be happy to take a look, If you don’t want to post it to the group, you can email me a link directly at

I have the same problem as "ebour". Is there any problem with convert tool? I have used converter many times ago but now it says "An unknown error occured."

Can you share the model with us? If so, we can look into it.

There is the model.
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Aneta, the main issue with that model is that the paths are incorrect, for example, texture7.jpg is referenced as “…/images/texture7.jpg” but it’s actually “images/texture7.jpg”, so while the conversion succeeds, the textures are not properly embedded and the model fails to load. I adjusted the paths and was able to convert the model. The attached zip contains my edits and I’ve also attached the converter gltf. If you drag and drop the zip into the converter, it should work for you now as well. (625 KB)

model_1764.gltf (866 KB)

Ohh, thanks Matthew.

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