Model / DataSource / Clock Tutorial


I am in need of a "simple" tutorial that will really help me understand how cesium works better and allow me to build the foundation for my application.

My real life scenario is much more complex than this, but a simple beginner's tutorial of this scenario will be sufficient for me to understand the framework and build off of.

Assume I am starting with 10 CesiumGround entities already drawn in the viewer.

Now consider I have a data collection in memory where each item contains an entity ID, a time stamp, latitude, longitude, and heading. The data collection will be in memory NOT from a file. (It will probably be returned by a web service in my real app, but a hardcoded collection can be assumed for simplicity)

I need a tutorial that shows how to use that data collection to move each entity to the location and heading in sync with the clock. Bonus points if the entity can smoothly animate from location A at 12:00:00 to location B at 12:00:01 instead of a jump. However, a jump is sufficient enough for this tutorial.

I hope this scenario is simple enough for someone experienced to help with quickly instead of me pulling my hair out and not knowing where to start. I think this would also be a good beginners tutorial for the tutorial section.

If this is more difficult than I imagine and there is not enough time for a tutorial, any help and direction would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Any advances? I could use some help, trying to do a similar app