model._rtcCenter undefined

Hi all

I was looking at this example for clamp to ground 3d tiles, based in this issue

but I have a problem, my 3d tiles have no value in _rtcCenter.

How can I assign that value?

I have an *.obj, how could I generate 3d tiles with those values?Any tool or any suggestion?


The RTC_CENTER attribute is an optional part of the feature table. You can read a bit about how it’s used here:

If you have a tileset with Batched 3D models that do not have this property, that means they’re likely getting their position on the globe from the tileset’s transform matrix. You may be able to get the model position directly by using the model.modelMatrix.

Alternatively, if you have building data as CityGML or KML/COLLADA, you can upload it directly to Cesium ion and it will handle clamping each model to the underlying terrain height.

Thank you for your reply.

Finally I have solved it with a code patch to be able to have the 3d tiles in both 3d and 2d.

read more about it