More information about preparing flight data


I am following the tutorial on creating a flight tracker using Cesium for Unreal. Regarding the dataset that is made available as an example it says:

Next, you are going to use real flight data from San Francisco to Copenhagen. This data is collected by FlightRadar24. The height in Cesium for Unreal is in meters relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid. The data is pre-processed to convert the heights from feet relative to mean sea level to meters relative to the ellipsoid.

Could you provide some more info about this conversion? We would need to convert our own data accordingly.

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Tore Holmem

You can use a model like EGM96 or EGM2008 to convert MSL heights to ellipsoidal heights. You can probably find an implementation in your preferred language. I think even PROJ can do it these days. Or if you have have more precise vertical datum information, you can use that instead. For example, in Australia, we use the Australian Height Datum (AHD), which is close to the EGM models but not identical. The important thing is that the heights given to Cesium for Unreal in the end be relative to the WGS84 ellipsoid.