Mouse picking an object in point cloud

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After rendering lidar point cloud, my objective is to be able to mouse pick the objects in it, like signposts etc.

Is it possible ,and are tutorials available for same?

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OS:Windows 10


Hey again Manish,

Yes feature selection is possible with point clouds, but the pnts file needs to include a BATCH_ID attribute (listed here:

You can look at an example tileset included in Cesium that does this:

If the lidar data has classification data it should get passed along when running through the ion point cloud converter. I can double check the data you sent me before.


Thanks for the reply.

I would check abt classification data in my lidar data.

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After rendering a point cloud which has objects in it, like signposts,speed signs,road rails etc…can we implement a behaviour so that use can draw bounding volumes of these objects by mouse picking?Is API there in CeisumJS for implementing this behaviour?And how much does a programmer need to know internals of 3DTiles contents to implement it?

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Check out ClassificationPrimitive. Example: Is that the type of thing you’re looking for?

CesiumJS doesn’t come with drawing tools built-in but you could use viewer.scene.pickPosition as a start. The simplest version would be to get the pick position and then create a spherical classification primitive around that position. Knowledge of 3D Tiles internals is not required.