Move Forward (motion)

Hey I'm new to Cesium so I'm just trying to learn it by making a game like App. This is where I learned that real-time user-driven events arent cesiums strong suit. Anyways, I'm having trouble figuring out a point forward of my object.

I've already managed to hack a truck moving around in the world but it is by use of taking its rotation, given 'velocity', and manipulating it based on its Lat/lon. This crudely works however its rotation becomes minutely misaligned over distance (which I think is due to a combination of its local transform in relation to the mercator projection and some other factors)

I would really like a way to determine a lat/lon position of a point forward (by speed) of my object.

Have you seen the Milk Truck demo? (You can use the WSAD keys to drive).

It’s not really meant as a reference/learning app (since it’s a port of an old Google Earth demo), but there might be some ideas in there that you can reuse. The code is available on GitHub:

Are you moving it by adjusting the modelMatrix? You don’t have to deal with lon/lat to move around, you could just use Cartesian.

It sounds to me that you’re not adjusting the correct modelMatrix.