Moving the rectangle, using mouse

I already have geometries drawn on map , including lines, polygon, circle, rectangle etc, i was able to move circle using mouse drag as i only needed to move the center of the circle to the new mouse position, however i am struggling with moving rectangle, polygon and line etc, as it has multiple points to be moved, i have the basic idea that i need to use callback, and for the case of rectangle i have to change its west, south, east, north but i am unable to grab entire idea about how to do it based on mouse move what position will be set to the west, south, east and north and whether it will be addition or subtraction because mouse can move in any direction. Any help will be much appreciated.



Can you please send me a sandcastle demo of what you have so far? It sounds like you are on the right track, but it would be helpful for me to see some of your code. I am not sure if any other users have implemented this functionality. Does the rest of the community have any feedback?