Multiple ClippingPlaneCollections for concave clipping polygons

Hi everyone

I find that clipping planes for globe and models can only cut a convex area.

What if I have a concave shape to clip?

My solution is to apply multiple clippingPlaneCollections.

So that I can triangulate the concave shape into triangles first, and then clip the area triangle by triangle with multiple clippingPlaneCollections.

However, modifying the source code is a little bit hard for me.

Can any help me with the idea?




Currently its not possible to have multiple multiple clippingPlaneCollections. We have started some work on clipping volumes, which you would be able to have multiples of per tileset, and either use a concave ro convex mode. Keep and eye out for that feature.

You can also try setting clippingPlaneCollection.unionClippingRegions to false, which will clip all regions outside any clipping plane.