Multipolygon/parent-children support?

Is Cesium going to be supporting entity multipolygons (aka having more than one ellipse/circle/line/etc. per entity) anytime soon?

If not, is there going to be support anytime soon for actions on a parent entity (aka moving or deleting it) affecting its children anytime soon?

I’d like to be able to make a shape with two different sides without having to put down two separate objects in order to complete the shape…

Thank you for the feature requests. We currently have an issue opened in CesiumJS for supporting parent/child relationship and I have added your request to it (Ability to position entities relative to another entity · Issue #9095 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub). It is not placed in the priority category but since it has been mentioned several times on the forum, I will try to escalate it.

As for the latter issue with supporting multipolygon entities, it has not been requested yet. Please feel free to open a new issue in the CesiumJS repository. Currently, you can create a polygon that looks “composite” and “multi” from known points, like this: Cesium Sandcastle. I’m assuming you want the multipolygon to also be able to consist of shape additions, subtractions, etc. (for instance two spheres can be added together to create a single entity).

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Late reply but this has been placed on github.