Network analysis services

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how can i use Network analysis services(Route,Closest facility,Service areas,OD cost matrix,Vehicle routing,…) in Cesium

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Cesium itself is purely a visualization library and doesn’t offer much in the way of geospatial analysis capabilities. If you are talking about visualization and are new to Cesium, the I would recommend you check out the tutorials, specifically Visualizing Spatial Data.

Thank you Matthew Amato

i mean in Network analysis:

if i have network analysis services(Example shortest path) on ARCGIS server and i publish it

then the user will select from categories (hospital,hotels,school,…),then click on the map(lat long position),then the map will automatically draw the road to point of interest )


Thanks for the clarification. Cesium doesn’t have out-of-the-box support for ingesting suck services. It sounds like it would be a great plug-in if someone was interested in working on it.

thanks a lot

i will try to do it,and i will resend you hopefully :slight_smile:

Did you have any progress regarding network geospatial services in Cesium?