new Cesium.PolylineArrowMaterialProperty(color) wrong colour in Firefox

I’m using new Cesium.PolylineArrowMaterialProperty(color) to create some arrows. However all the colours I set works fine in all browsers except Firefox. This first image is from chrome showing what it should look like.

And this one is from Firefox:

This is an example of the orange arrow. Both these works in Chrome. None in Firefox.

this.c25t30 = new Cesium.Color(0.96, 0.51, 0.6, opacity);

this.c25t30 = Cesium.Color.DARKORANGE;

Any ideas?


What version of Cesium are you using? Firefox was having some issues with transparency and we added a workaround to the 1.29 release that came out January 2nd.

If you’re not using that version, I recommend updating. Let me know if you still have the problem.



Hi Hannah,

that was it. Thanks for the fix! :slight_smile: