New to community


I'm new to Cesium and would like to contribute. At the moment, I don't have a particular area in mind but I'm excited to work in various interesting topics. So how should I start?

I'm also looking up to GSOC 2014 and perhaps do a project. Where should I get the latest news regarding it like the list of projects, mentors etc.?


Kartik Kohli

Hi Kartik,

We are definitely always looking for people willing to help out. We have a “beginners” label in our list of GitHub issues specifically designed for developers who want to work on Cesium but are just starting out. Here’s a direct link to a filtered list of them:

You can pick any one of them and start hacking away, but it’s probably a good idea to post a comment on the issue indicating that you are working on it, along with any questions you might have.

We also have a Contributor Guide on our wiki for helping configure your development environement:

The most important thing you’ll need to do is sign and email us the Contributors license agreement (CLA). You can find that information here: For some reason the CLA links are broken but I’m looking into that now. We can’t take any code from you with a CLA on file.

Finally, while the page may be a little out of day, our GSOC ideas page is here: Of course students can also suggest their own ideas as well.

Hope that helps,