Optimal billboard image file size / quality


Is there any performance impact in relation to size and color bit-depth of an image file when used as a billboard?

For example, I’ve noted that the the sample asset/images provided with Sandcastle are roughly 1-2 kb GIFs.

In contrast, I’m looking at a usage of billboards that are 32-bit PNGs of 100 kB or more.

Other than the HTTP call to fetch the image itself, are there any performance concerns when using larger images as billboards on a Cesium globe given the nature of how the billboards are drawn on the WebGL globe?


As far as I know, there is a least one additional iteration - if You use textureAtlas for storing images (and I don’t know how to work with billboard without it), every image, added to it, is copied to one big webgl texture.


When the image is used to create the texture atlas, the pixels are stored as unsigned byte RGBA by default so the source image will not matter other than its size. That is, bigger billboards are slower to render because the GPU needs to read more texels and shade more pixels, but this won’t be an issue in most applications.


Thanks for the reply & information, Patrick.