OSGeo Codesprint in Paris / February 2016


I am in charge of inviting you to the next OSGeo Code Sprint which will
take place in Paris in February 2016 ( 23-26th ).

This code sprint, also nicknamed TOSPrint, is the annual OSGeo meeting
historically gathering the "C tribe". It is open to much more than C
developers of course ! We all love Python, Javascript and Brainfuck,
don't we ?

The code sprint next year will be generously hosted by the Mozilla
foundation :

You are welcome to join us to hack on your favorite OSGeo software.
Please add yourself on the dedicated wiki page here :


Should you want to know more, related discussions take place on the
tosprint@lists.osgeo.org mailing list.

See you in Paris !


Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the invite. We enjoyed the last code sprint. It will be hard for the team from AGI to get to Paris for this one, but I’ll look into it.