Overlaying WMTS with EPSG 2180, GRS80 Ellipsoid to load on Cesium with EPSG 4326, WGS84 Ellipsoid

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The parameters of the WMTS has been set along with its url, and its loading on cesium imagery with default WGS 84, however data of EPSG 2180 is not landing approriately on Cesium with WGS 84. So this calls for the projection in picture.

There are two ways I think

1) To make the cesium globe ellipsoid 2180 specific and then load WMTS with 2180, to confirm its proper alignment.

2) Or to project 2180 specific WMTS layer to cesium, with default 4326.

GRS80 Ellipsoid = WGS 84 Ellipsoid, with the minute change in flattening only. So creating GRS80 Ellipsoid will not change anything.

How to handle projection and which way in Cesium for this alignment?

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Sorry to hear you’re having trouble! Cesium currently only supports web mercator and WGS84. There’s been some talk of supporting more though (see https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/issues/3877)

Would EPSG 2180 be a projection you’d like to see? Any others?

For now I think the best way would be to reproject your data to WGS84 before loading it in.

Thanks Omar for the kind reply.

However, I am still looking up for the reprojection in Cesium.

My code is identifying that my tiling scheme is web mercator and I see some scope in WebMercatorTilingScheme.

Can I be able to work out my reprojection with this class methods, of course with some third party support of transformation?

If yes, please propose step by step process to imagine and recreate it.

I think supporting different projections would be a non-trivial task. I don’t know what the step by step instructions would be, but I would take a look at the forum and GitHub (https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pulls) to references or resources. Here’s a discussion I found about this, I’m sure there’s more:


I did make sure to bump the GitHub issue for adding support for different projections so the Cesium team is aware that it’s a requested feature.