Performance problems when plotting an orbit with cesiumJS

I am having quite a few performance issues when plotting one or two satellite orbits & I can’t figure out what is wrong so I thought I would ask here is if of you kind stranger’s can point me in the right direction.

What I am trying to do is visualize the orbits within a certain time frame of one (or more but probably never more than like 20 and rarely more than 4) satellites. I am interested in displaying the satellite’s current position and its orbit within the time range. Something very similar to the example in this sandcastle → Cesium Sandcastle

The problem is that I get very low FPS. In the sandcastle example I am running at 60fps no problem. But when I try to run it adapting the example’s czml with my data I get around 20fps.

The main differences are that my data has about 5k points (one every ~15m) per satellite, just 2 satellites & a time span of 2.5 weeks puts me at 20fps. Additionally my orbits are GEO.

Some of the things I have tried include:

  • decreasing the number of points to 1/4 (this actually generates worse performance I drop by about 4-5fps)
  • removing/disabling a bunch of the visual effects (doesn’t seem to do anything)
  • increasing target framerate (does nothing)
  • decreasing the resolution (again no change)
  • turn on request render mode (doesn’t decrease lag much)

Is there something obvious I am missing? I’m a bit lost. I know I need to be doing something wrong because spaceaware renders thousands of objects and I don’t get lag on their site

Additional notes

  • I get the lag all the time.
  • I am testing this locally throwing a czml object directly stored in my machine at it in a plain html document. So there is no overhead of anything else loading
  • I have an integrated graphics card, but I would like it to be viewable in such devices