Pick performance for large number of objects

I'm using Cesium 1.30 on Linux. I have an object composed of 1000's of polygons. When I do a 'drillPick' the screen locks up for a couple of seconds. Is there any way to keep this from happening. I've tried creating the object as a single primitive with 'allowPicking' set to false, but the problem still exists. I tried delving into the source code and would have thought setting 'allowPicking' to false would have fixed the problem.


Did you try setting a drillPick limit? Like drillPick(position, 1). I had a similar problem which was pretty bad on mobile devices, so I set a limit of 1 for those devices and it works pretty reasonably for my application.



Unfortunately I still need to be able to pick multiple objects via drillPick so limiting it is not an option.