Pick ray at certain height

Hello all,

I am trying to drag an entity at a certain and constant height above the ellipsoid.

My thought was to use the pick ray and intersect it with a plane at the height but I didn’t succeed in doing so.


context - I would like to drag one of the circumference points calculate the distance to the center and the angle and update the box dimensions and heading.
To be able to do this I need to be able to drag the point without changing its relative height from origin.

Is this possible? Is this the right approach?
Thank you in advance

Bumping this… would really appreciate the help

Hi there,

Would you be able to provide a Sandcastle example showing the current way you’re setting up the box entity, and maybe your initial attempt with picking? That should provide a jumping off point.

Hi @Gabby_Getz ,

Thank you for the reply!
I put togther a sandcastle link showing my use case and problem.
Points are dragabble using Alt.

I have advanced a bit since posting this, my main problem now is that the point keeps its height relative to the elipsoid and not on the same plane as the box’s top face.
You can see this occuer the further you drag the box from the center.

phase 2 will be to rotate the box so that the point will stay in its reative place in the middle of the edge of the box.

Would appreciate any input .
Thank you

Still having this issue, would appreciate any help :relaxed:

Thank you