Pixelated Polyline which is set to 5px width but narrows to its end if clampToGround: false

I see Polyline rendered in an unexpected pixelated manner if clampToGround: false:

The Polyline has even width (closer to what would be expected) when clampToGround: true.
Is there any way to make the Polyline antialiased in pixel-perfectly smooth way?
The rendered lines are a bit like sawtooth shaped:

Thank you!


Thanks for the report @m.rykov!

I believe this is the same issue as PolylineGeometry 2D rendering incorrectly at certain zoom levels ┬Ě Issue #5726 ┬Ě CesiumGS/cesium ┬Ě GitHub. Do any of the workaround work for you?

We have implemented two anti-aliasing solutions, FXAA and MSAA, but unfortunately neither will apply to the polyline use case here. ThereÔÇÖs a feature request for that use case here.