Point on the 3D Tiles represented by the root transform matrix

I have a 3D Tiles model, which is georeferenced using its root transform matrix. I am trying to figure out which point on the 3D Tiles model is represented by the location in root transform matrix.

I am trying to understand this with a simple glTF model. I have a cube (a glTF model), which has the origin vertex (of its local CRS) as (0, 0, 0). When I tile this glTF model to 3D Tiles and then georeference it, will the origin vertex be at the location specified by the transform matrix?

I am looking for answers with regards to the simple case as well as the generic case (a model that does not have its origin vertex as (0, 0, 0)).

Thank you.

How is your 3D Tileset created? If you’re using Cesium ion, this thread has some information on this: How to correctly position 3D models when tiling with Cesium ion. The origin will be re-computed to be the center of the geometry, unless you’re using the REST API, which will retain the origin in the original coordinate system.

Thank you for your answer. The 3D Tiles are generated using the 3D Tiles Samples Generator. How is the origin computed in this case?

I think this samples generator just outputs the glTF model as-is, so the origin shouldn’t be change: https://github.com/CesiumGS/3d-tiles-validator/blob/bb48cafccd61359ed82e9947a20e339442b539fa/samples-generator/lib/createB3dm.js#L68. Note that this isn’t really tiling the model, just embedding it as a single tile in a 3D Tileset.

Thank you for the answer. That really helps.