Polyline between two moving objects using Entity API

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I have two moving objects. I'd like to draw a polyline between them using the Entity API, but I get an e.slice() is not a function error.

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movingTwo.polyline = new Cesium.Polyline({
    positions: new Cesium.PositionPropertyArray([
        new Cesium.ReferenceProperty(
            [ 'position' ]
        new Cesium.ReferenceProperty(
            [ 'position' ]
    material: new Cesium.ColorMaterialProperty(
        Cesium.Color.YELLOW.withAlpha( 0.25 )

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There seem to be examples of this working with CZML, but no working example of achieving this with the Entity API. I've followed this StackOverflow post but I get an error 'e.slice() is not a function.

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V1.37 with Chrome.

Hi Dan,

That Stack Overflow response is a pretty old example. Here’s a newer example showing updating positions of a polyline using a callback property.



Hi Dan,

Here’s an alternative using the CallbackProperty API - https://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Apps/Sandcastle/?src=Hello%20World.html&label=Showcases&gist=1d17534dfe883c4174e301db8894bba2

Click & drag the red points around the map, and you’ll see that the blue polyline connects the points wherever you drag them! The callback updates the polyline positions to the position of the entities in the EntityCollection that’s passed to the function. It works for more than 2 entities as well.

The function doing this is on line 121, createPolyline.

Also here for reference:


  • Creates a polyline between the given coordinates and displays it

  • on the map


function createPolyline(

entities, //: Cesium.EntityCollection,

color, //: Cesium.Color,

viewer, //: Cesium.Viewer,

pointName //: string

) { //: Cesium.Entity {

let positions = ;

let timeNow = Cesium.JulianDate.now();

let positionCallback = () => {

if (positions.length === 0) {

entities.values.forEach(function(entity) {



} else if (positions.length > 0) {

positions[0] = entities.values[0].position.getValue(timeNow);

positions[1] = entities.values[1].position.getValue(timeNow);

entities.values.forEach(function(entity, i) {

positions[i] = entity.position.getValue(timeNow);



return positions;


let positionCBP = new Cesium.CallbackProperty(positionCallback, false);

let polyline = new Cesium.PolylineGraphics({

positions: positionCBP,

material: color,

width: 5


let myPolyline = new Cesium.Entity({

polyline: polyline,

name: pointName