Polyline Collection and secondary 3D window


 I'm trying to solve this problem from quite sometime now but couldn't get a satisfactory answer. I have an object in the scene whose  trail I want to draw. I'm adding lines to the polyline collection class. I also want to be able to place the object somewhere in the middle of it's path and remove/add trail track from present position to previous position ( Simply remove/add to top polyline from polyline collection object). Everything works great expect as the time passes and the trail is too long the performance starts to degrade. I'm looking at 1-2 fps with maybe ~3000 polylines in the collector object. Is there a better way of doing such a thing? I saw CZML demo, not sure if it can be used to draw trail/trajectory at run time.

Is there a way to generate secondary 3D window with same object representation but different angle?



Basically I want a same scene to be displayed in a 2 different browser window. If I make changes to one (say add a billboard) then those changes should be reflected to the other browser window without actually having to make those changes(add billboard in this case) in the other window. Is there a way of doing this?

Hi Naman,

Each Cesium Viewer widget is completely independent so to keep two in sync, you’ll need to make updates to both. I can imagine better support for this in the future (perhaps as a plugin), but it is not on anyone’s short-term plans AFAIK.

As for the polyline performance, polylines with a lot of points can be slow to update so try using multiple polyline collections, e.g., create a new one every 2K points. If you search the forum, it has been discussed before.