Problem loading GLTB files

Hi All,

I have converted a 3D model into GLB using ASSIMP (version 4.1.0).

Generated GLTB file load fine into Visual Code viewers based on babylon and threeJS (see attachment) but failed to load into the viewer based on Cesium.

It also failed when loaded from the 3D Models page of the sandcastle.

I have joined :

  • the GLB file

  • a screenshot of the error

  • a screenshot of the location, in the Cesium code, where the exception is thrown.

As you can see, primitiveInfo is undefined.

As this point, I don’t know if the file generated via Assimp have problems (but it loads fine into other viewers) or if the cesium parser is more restrictive then others.

The cesium version is 1.43 / Windows 10 / Chrome.

Any help appreciated.


Buildings1.glb (1.14 MB)

Hi Frédéric, this turned out to be a Cesium bug. I submitted a fix here with more info:

Hi Sean,
thanks a lot for the fix.

We will try it ASAP.


Just wanted to let you know that the fix was merged and will be included in Cesium 1.44 on April 2.

Hi Sean,
that’s a very good news. I confirm that the fix worked fine for us.