Problem with the viewing of the satellite's ellipsoid CZML


i’m trying to display the attached CZML.

If you try to load it onto Cesium you can see a green ellipsoid (Vanguard 1 satellite) up the Hudson Bay at the beginning of the animation.

I have the following problem:

-if I try to select it, the selector doesn’t point to it;

-if I start the animation the selector doesn’t follow the satellite, it stay at the initial position;

Does anyone have any solution to the problem?

Thank you.


00005_11_51.czml (101 KB)

It’s the Fengyun 1c DEB sorry.

This is a screen shot of the selected satellite:

As you can see the selector isn’t pointing the satellite.


This is a known issue, we have a bug written up here:

I’ve added a link to your post so we can notify you when it’s fixed.




and what about this problem? i'm in the same position - primitives (like box or ellipsoid) motion not working with viewer.trackedEntity.


The issue referenced here has been fixed and was released in Cesium 1.32. What exactly is the issue you are having in more detail? Can you provide a code sample?